Landlord Eviction Service
Serving All of Southern California
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Eviction Services Provided

Are you having problems with:
  • Unpaid Rent
  • Noise and/or Nuisance Problems
  • Graffiti and/or Alcohol Consumption in Common Areas
  • Common Area Hazards
  • or Landscape Unrecognizable?
Eviction Letter - Landlord Eviction in Beverly Hills, CA
Man Posting Note on the Door - Landlord Eviction in Beverly Hills, CA

We prepare and process the following types of notices:

  • 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice
  • 3 Day Quit Nuisance Notice
  • 30, 60, or 90 Day Notice to Quit (Served Same Day)
  • Process Services Fee (Registered & Bonded)
  • Sheriff's
We are experts at preparing and serving the proper notices needed for eviction. Notices are served the Same Day!
No Office Visit Necessary (unless preferred). Free Phone Consultation. One Phone Call gets the Process Started (Same Day Service).