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Are you having problems with:
  • Unpaid Rent
  • Noise Nuisance Problems
  • Graffiti and/or Alcohol Consumption in Common Areas
  • Landscape Unrecognizable
  • Common Area Hazards
  • Call us with your headaches & we will take it from there.
  • No Office Visit Needed (unless preferred).
  • Same Day Service!
  • One Phone Call gets the Process Started.
  • We don't just prepare the paperwork like the other guys we do it all!
  • We are here to protect Landlords and Property Managers so that they can regain control of their property.
  • We pride ourselves on being prompt, professional and friendly.
  • We understand one day delayed is money lost.
  • We Have honed our skills and have become very adept at implementing all aspects of the eviction process (in 36 years we have seen almost everything).
  • We will present you with all your available options.
Eviction Notice - Landlord Eviction in Beverly Hills, CA
Our flat fee includes (no hidden fees):
  • All Court Costs
  • Process Server
  • Sheriff
  • Court writ fees
No Office Visit Necessary (unless preferred). Free Phone Consultation. One Phone Call gets the Process Started (Same Day Service).